Make your way through this web of lies. Don't loose your hearts by deception. Find hidden notes te lead the way, but don't be fooled!

Take this fun and exciting trip through 15 rooms/levels.

This game was made for the Community Game Jam

Huge thanks to EliminatorBeats for making the music for the game. 

AuthorSpiky Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Escape Game, escape-room, Global Game Jam, Mystery, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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really nice game,

 i enjoyed a lot 

my game:

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Sadly the links didn't work in the menu screen for some people so here are the links in the description:

Spiky Games:

EliminatorBeats (Made the music for the game):


very fun game

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Enjoyed it alot. Music is beyond awesome :) Great job!


Nice game ... Music is perfect for the game ...

Check out my game too...


Thanks, music was made by EliminatorBeats


Cool. :)


I enjoyed it, got serious on my last heart :D

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Fun! I enjoyed the music and logic of the puzzles, great job. FYI, your links on main screen don't seem to load

Thanks for the feedback and yes I've noticed the links don't work :(
They did work in the Unity Engine but I guess it didn't with the actual build


how do you beat level 10 lol. really challenging puzzles! i tried counting the amount of letters, the numbers of the first letters and a bunch of other dumb stuff xd


ooh i'm dumb, i thought sykoo had 6 letters xd


Really cool and fun game! I had a ton of fun playing it, and it's a great exercise of logic! :) The music is really spooky and I really like it, but I'm not too sure it fits the game perfectly.. But it was still cool :) Great job on this! I like the concept and it's really fun! :D


Cool and fun game! If stuck see my walkthrough: 


If you want another game to play, I also made an escape room game for the jam. If it's not too much trouble, then maybe you could check it out.

Here's the link:


Thanks for making a walkthrough