This is the classic version of the newer Crazy Cubes!

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam 133! The theme was Wall Jump

The game is played with WASD (W is jump, A and D are walk, S is high-grav)

Make your way through 12 levels (and a secret level) in this awesome 2D Platformer! There are many different platforms with cool mechanics!

DISCLAIMER: There is no in-game Menu meaning that when you start a level you can only start another level or go to the menu if you've finished it. Since this game was made for a game jam I didn't have enough time for this so sorry!

Thanks a lot to EliminatorBeats for making this awesome soundtrack!



Thanks to Mr. Spiky for the programming and game design!



This game was made with the Unity Game Engine!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorSpiky Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, blocks, Singleplayer


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     This was really nice platform made in a week! I like the sticky feel of the character. I like how the game design uses conventions like red = bad, and floating platforms will fall, to teach the player about the game rules. I also like that trying stuff out leads to rewards, like the shortcut popup.

  Some things I might change would be the feeling of jumping from wall to wall. I feel that, for this style of game, jumps in between walls should be fast and concise, to add to the sticky feeling. Also, the placement of the end diamond felt off sometimes, and stopping to position yourself to get to the end when you were on the end platform was taking away from the flow.

    One thing I would add would be some coyote time, a few frames after you step off the ground to be able to jump. Also, clicking on the button to go to the next level also interfered with my flow. Maybe have the player press enter?

     A very nice jam game! Keep up the good work. There's a lot of fun potential in this game as a Geometry Dash style, speedrunner rage game. I wish you the best of luck!


Wow! Thanks for this review. I agree with about everything you've said!
You sound like a pretty good game designer. I like the shortcut popup myself aswell but I've checked and for speedrunners it is still a slower option so I like that aswell.

I didn't have too much time to work on the controls and since I have never made a "Wall Jump" before it wasn't very good.
I didn't pay a lot of attention to the end diamond but sorry if it took away the flow a bit. I'll try to think more about that in future platformers.

Should have probably added the "coyote time", but didn't really have a lot of time so I didn't. It would have indeed made the game a lot better.

The menus are all SO BAD. I am aware of this, if you end the game you should indeed be able to press enter and the UI design sucks there :D. Also the menu when you first load up the game sucks. The only reason I made this was because of a technical issue causing the music to stack up.

Anyways thanks a lot for this awesome review. I am very glad you were able to enjoy the game, also do you have Twitter? Please give me your profile link if so, I'd love to follow you there.
You sound like a very good Game Designer yourself. Just knowing what "coyote time" is means you probably watch videos from YT'ers like Mark Brown, Adam Millard and Snoman. Anyways hope I can talk to you again sometime


Hey! Wait a minute, you made the "escape room with narrator" game for the Community Game Jam! I played it and reviewed it! That was a very nice game aswell, sadly it was only one level if I remember correctly but it does seem like a game that is hard to make.

Anyways I just realized I've seen you before and you're pretty awesome! Thanks again for the review on my game.


Sadly, I don't have a twitter. But I'm really happy you liked my game. I'm really looking forward to working on another gamejam. I hope to see you there. BTW, do you know if there's going to be a second community game jam?


The jump and wall jump mechanics feel very fluid and nice. I also really like the music.


Wow! Thanks for this nice comment. I am glad that the jump and wall jump mechanics feel good. This is very important in game design.

Also for the music you should definitely check out EliminatorBeats


i love the free level in the lobby and the secret spiky level but i didn't beat the secret spiky level but i did like it

Wow! I'm glad you got to the Secret Spiky Level! Thanks a lot for taking the time to not only go through the game but even finding a secret level!

Also yeah the Secret Spiky level is pretty hard, also it has a few mechanics that do not show up anywhere in other levels meaning that you have not learned about it and have no idea what they are supposed to do, but I decided to just leave the level in anyways!


its cool and nice


i like this game very cool